Consulting Services Available

Organizational Development – Could your organization benefit from high efficiency and increased productivity? The obvious answer is ‘yes’. A good way to achieve these outcomes is through dedicated organizational development (OD).

OD is the practice of planned, systemic change in the beliefs, attitudes and values of employees for individual and company growth.  It is focused on aligning organizations with the rapidly changing and complex environments in which they operate. Non-profit and small business services offered include: organizational structure analysis, succession planning, system and process analysis, financial oversight and reporting review, and small business merger and acquisitions.

Strategic Planning – A strategic plan is a management tool that helps an organization achieve its vision. Strategic planning is important because it provides a roadmap for the organization, its leaders and all employees. We believe there are 5 steps in the strategic planning process:

• Determine where you are
• Identify what is important
• Define what must be achieved
• Determine who is accountable
• Execute – Review – Revise – Repeat

It’s time for your business to reach its maximum growth potential!

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