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Kim Cantrell, MS, ACC

An experienced Senior Executive, Kim has an extensive background in non-profit operations, small business, finance, leadership, recruitment and team building.  Rooted in the values and practices of servant leadership, Kim started 2 Impact to help others connect their passion to their purpose.  Her coaching and consulting firm is dedicated to equipping individuals and businesses to reach their maximum growth potential.

Kim holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting and a Masters in Organization Leadership with a concentration in Servant Leadership from Columbus State University.   She is an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation.  She is also a Certified RightPath Facilitator and a Global Career Development Facilitator.

Meet Me

My Journey

Like most, my journey has had its share of twists and turns. They turned in to roads that I didn’t know existed but led to more than I could imagine. In high school, math came easy to me. We tend to continue easy things because in time, we can become great – and it’s easy! With that in mind, in college, again, I chose the easy path – accounting. Upon graduation, I was married with two small children and immediately began working for a local CPA firm. Not a fan of audit or tax work, I found myself in retirement plan administration. While there, I learned a new type of accounting, developed customer service skills, and began my leadership journey. I thought I was off to a great start using my gift, but I had yet to find my passion.

It’s amazing how you can find what you did not know you were looking for. As a favor to a friend, I reluctantly went to an interview at Goodwill Industries of the Southern Rivers. She insisted that I go and because of my respect for her, I did. After 2 hours with the CEO, I was hooked! My time at Goodwill groomed me professionally and challenged me to develop new skills. I led multiple departments, was exposed to countless leadership development opportunities, earned my Master’s degree, and was on track to move to the CEO role. My professional career was all set, wouldn’t you think?  Well, once again, everything changed!

I stepped out on faith and left Goodwill after 13 years. There were many “unknowns” for me, but I did know that I wanted to work with people who are ready to connect with their purpose. I found my passion in helping others, and developing and pushing leaders to realize their potential. Four years later, I can’t imagine doing anything else!

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